Teeth Whitening

Dr. Williams, DMD, General & Cosmetic Dentistry – Brandon FL

Having a beautiful smile may be even easier than you think. Many people achieve the look they’ve been dreaming of with our simple “bleaching” procedure.

What are the details of teeth whitening?

It’s safe, quick, and inexpensive. Just let us know at any appointment if you would like to whiten your teeth. You can lighten only your upper teeth or both the upper and lower, depending on how much you show when you talk and smile. Most people whiten both top and bottom teeth.

In only a day or two your custom bleach splints will be ready for you to pick up. We provide you with a special bleaching agent that you put into the clear splints. With only a few hours of wear per day, our special bleaching agent bubbles stains right out of your enamel in a very short time without altering tooth structure or existing dental work in any way. When your teeth reach the desired brightness, only occasional treatment is needed to maintain your new smile. We’ll want to take “after” photos at your next appointment.

Dental bleaching can be used to correct tooth discoloration. Discolorations can be caused by staining, aging, or chemical damage to teeth. Using the latest in bleaching technology, we can offer a safe method for creating a beautiful “brilliant” smile. In cases of extreme tooth discoloration, crowns or veneers may be the only choice, but because of the low cost of bleaching treatments, bleaching is nearly always worth a solid try.


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How is teeth whitening done?

Key Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  • Corrects brown, yellow and spotted tooth staining
  • Works on people of any age
  • Is a near-permanent solution for a “dull” smile, restoring brightness and brings a smile alive

An impression is taken to make a specialized “mouthguard” or “stent” to hold the bleach against the teeth. In some cases the material is used daily for about for a week or two.  For some patients the material is worn for 30 mintues-1 hour/per day  (other cases may require up to 2-4 hours per day or over night depending on the severity of the discoloration). In most cases significant whitening will occur. In some instances, the change is nothing short of brilliant. For confidence in appearance, bleaching technology allows us to promise improvements in yellowing, aging or stained teeth. For very severely stained teeth, crowns or porcelain veneers may be more appropriate.

Considerations for Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter bleaching agents are available for purchase at drug stores and pharmacies. However, leaking fillings, cracks in teeth, and active decay are reasons that it is critical for a professional dental examination prior to using any bleaching product or technique to avoid damage to the nerves of your teeth. These conditions should be corrected before any attempted bleaching process. In addition over the counter products are not “professional strength” and therefore may not achieve the anticipated results.